Frequently asked questions

For PAYE Umbrella Workers

This is a short guide to outline the typical workflow of how we work.

Once registered with our umbrella, you will need to undertake the following to ensure you are paid on time:

  • After you have carried out work for the end client, you will complete and send your timesheet, signed off by your line manager to your employment agency and to us
  • We then raise an invoice to your employment agency for the hours you have worked
  • The agency will then raise an invoice to the end client for your work
  • The end client pays the employment agency
  • The umbrella is then paid by the agency according to payment schedule
  • Once payment is received, we calculate the deductible tax and National Insurance contributions before paying you through the PAYE system
  • You will receive a payslip detailing the deductions made as well as our margin

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